Do you pay too much for printing and copying?
Do you even know how much you pay to print and copy documents?

Print costs are one of the largest business expenses - and 90% of companies don't even know what the real numbers are. Get a free print assessment today.

Printing costs are the third largest expense for most businesses and 90% of companies don’t even know what printing equipment they have in their office.

When you don’t understand what you’re spending every day, it’s easy for you to waste money.

How do you start to gain control of out-of-control printing costs? Put your office through a print assessment.

Many people hear “assessment” and think it’s going to be a long, painful process.

Not at all.

You will have to answer a few questions for us about your business needs, but we’ll do all the heavy lifting. Here are the essentials of what you need to know about a print assessment. (Ready to get started instead? Simply complete the form to the right and one of our Print Experts will be in touch to start the process.)

The Print Assessment: What You’ll Learn

  • How to take inventory of the equipment in your office(s) by physically walking through the office to find devices not connected to the network and a scan of your network to identify all connected devices. This includes recording:
    • A count of devices
    • How old each device is
    • Which devices are heavily used and which are under-used
    • Where they are located -- and does that location help with productivity or hurt
    • Manufacturer, make, and model
    • How much you print and copy
  • How to review your monthly invoices and any related contracts – how much you spend on supplies (toner, media, paper), maintenance and repair services, etc. This helps identify equipment with higher-than-expected service needs, which might be limiting your productivity.

  • How many print jobs you outsource. We’ll take that into account to make recommendations.

  • Potential security issues -- printed documents with personal or confidential information in output trays are a potential data breach.